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so, I loaded my save for the first time in 5 months and…. everything was pretty much the same.  I was scared this whole time for nothing!  And I just want mushroom furniture ;_;

I will update again with screenshots this week!!  I have some great ideas for room layouts.

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"Dear Miss Mayor" by Lark

We posted another comic like this when Pokémon XY released, but Lark’s comic is so amazing/heart-breaking we had to revisit the theme again. You need to read the rest of this strip here.

We all knew what we were getting into when we picked up Animal Crossing: New Leaf, that despite our neighbors’ efforts to make best friends out of us, we weren’t permanent additions to the town. Make us mayor if you want, but it won’t keep us here — we’ll eventually wander off to the next distraction, the next video game world, leaving Isabelle to keep the town running.

Even if we ever decide to load up New Leaf again, see how everyone is holding up, it will never be like it once was. You can’t go home again.

Thanks to @nameoftheyear for sending over the link.

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Anonymous said: hello :-) i was just wondering, would you be able to put paths in my town? i don't have many bells but i'd be willing to pay!

I couldn’t even if I wanted to, only the characters that are living in that town can lay paths.

It really doesn’t take as much work as you think, just lay a few squares every time you play.

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Go to bed, Henry

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Henry’s so sweet.

Henry’s so sweet.

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O’Hare asked me to the sweet shop and we danced the night away

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I did something for Ruby, and she gave me a salad bar.
Lol this game sometimes, I swear

I did something for Ruby, and she gave me a salad bar.

Lol this game sometimes, I swear

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Henry was so glad I helped class up his crib that he laid a pic on me!  I was honestly surprised, I had no idea we were this close hahaha

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